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Mulhwe is a down-to-earth dish originating from the region that captures the wisdom of seaside towns and the atmosphere of the East Sea itself.

It has long been a snack or meal for fishermen at sea, but now it has become a well-known traditional dish representing the regions along the East Sea coast.


Sachon Mulhwe Village is a place to try out the unique dishes of seaside towns of Korea.

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Tourist attractions nearby

  • Sachon Port and its attractive landscape
  • Sachon area is often referred to as “Bulkka”, meaning a beak that is protruded, just as the region is protruded from the otherwise smooth coastal line of the East Sea. It is a small port where large-scale fishing ships or cargo ships cannot come in, allowing some quiet for visitors to enjoy a relaxing time on their yachts.
  • Ttetjang Rock, a treasure of Sachon
  • This is a small island that can be accessed via a bridge. On days with strong wind, visitors can see scenes of waves hitting the rock above the normal height. There has been an increase in the number of visitors to this area thanks to this rock. Visitors can go up the rock to see the yardsticks to measure the waterways.
  • Gyomunam, a place that holds the legends of Gyoryong dragon
  • Legend has it that the Gyryong dragon lived under a rock in the 7th year of rule of Yonsangun (year 1501) but as the dragon rose to the sky, the rock was cracked into two. The rock forms a shape of a door, and is often popular as a spot for fishing. Writer Huh Gyun even used his writing name that was inspired by this rock.
  • Sachon Seaside Park and pine trees
  • The Seaside Park is very close to the beaches of Sachon and features many pine trees. There is a small pagoda inside the pine tree forest for tourists to take a rest from their walk. Visitors can also get coffee for take-away from the nearby coffee shop to rest in the small pagoda.
  • Gangneung Sachon Yacht Field, the love of yacht fans
  • Those who enjoy yachting as a hobby, or even those who are professional athletes refer to Gangneung Sachon Yacht Field as a “must-visit”. With amazing wind and calm waves, it is popular in the spring, summer and fall, with many events hosted, too. It is also used as a training field for professional athletes.
  • Coffee soybean bread, a specialty of Gangneung
  • The coffee soybean bread was selected as a tourist specialty item by Gangneung City in 2015. Althought there are now similar breads being produced in areas other than Gangneung, too, this bakery is known as having produced the original. The bread has a shape of a coffee bean and has a delicate yet sweet taste. It is a must-visit for those who come to Mulhwe Village.

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