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Jumunjin Seafood Village offers fresh seafood on a stretch of land that connects Youngjin Port with Jumunjin Port.

It has a wide array of products that bring the fresh taste of the sea.


Warm and cold currents intersect near Jumunjin Port, making it a golden area for various fish.

The dishes served by the villagers of the seacoast town is unique and is something that can only be found in Jumunjin.


Seafood caught fresh from the East Sea is offered with a touch of warmth found in grandmother’s dishes.

These are what make the Jumunjin Seafood Village so special.


9 Businesses (2022.05)
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Tourist attractions nearby

  • Jumunjin Seafood Market that showcases all things seafood
  • Opened in 1936, Jumunjin Seafood Market is one of the largest on the East Sea coast and features a general market, dried seafood market and sashimi market. It is also frequently visited from tourists from home and abroad. Prices are lower than most retail outlets for supreme quality.
  • Jumunjin Port – beautiful both day and night
  • Jumunjin Port has a capacity of more than 500 ships. Most of the species caught are squids pollack, sardines and anchovies. Freshly caught, they make the mouths of tourists water. At night, the lights on the boats catchign squid make a unique nightscape.
  • Jumunjin Lighthouse – a place for memories
  • The middle region of Gangwon Province does not have any well developed ports, and thus saw a lighthouse installed rather late. The Jumunjin Lighthouse was the first to be built in the Province in 1918. Made of white brick, the tower has a maximum diameter of 3 meters and a height of 10 meters. It is painted with white limestone mortar on the outside.
  • Sodol Beach – full of events every year
  • The beach is named after its shape that is reminiscent of a cow lying down. Uniquely shaped rocks can be found easily nearby. Events such as squid-catching or clam-catching are held, with shower facilities, changing rooms, toilets, water fountains and camping sites open in July and August.
  • The historically important Jumunjin Cathedral
  • The inaugural Francisco priest Cholyon Lee established the main hall in Geumgwangro in 1921 but it was moved in 1923 to its current location for more development. Joseph Committee focusing on spreading the gospel and Anna Committee for social activities within the religious circle are among the 16 groups currently active.

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