2018 Gangneung Special Food 1 페이지

2018 Gangneung Special Food 목록

We will use native food ingredients from Gangneung for the dishes served to guests from home and abroad at the 2018 Winter Olympics.


We will make existing food items (potato ongshimi, chodang tofu, seafood) available as commercial products.


The 2018 special selection of Gangneung food items consists of 3 types of ongshimi, 4 types of tofu dishes and 3 types of seafood dishes.


The ongshimi dishes are one with chicken and ginseng, one with cream and potatoes and one with puffing fish.

The tofu dishes are chodang tofu tangsu, tofu salad,

tofu samhap and chodang tofu set. Lastly the seafood dishes are samseon bibimbap, seafood stew and seafood set.

Come enjoy the special selection of Gangneung’s specialty foods that represent a careful touch

as if prepared by your mother with some of nature’s best ingredients.

The selected items are sold as part of a pilot projects at businesses within the area.

67 Businesses (2022.05)
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