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Finely ground the soybeans that had been soaked in water to make soybean juice.

Filter the fiber, and heat the soybean juice while stirring it constantly so that there are no lumps.

 Add bittern to firm the soybean juice into soft tofu. If it is again placed in a mold and thickened further, it becomes regular tofu. .


One of the things that make Chodang Tofu special is because it uses soybeans from Korea and add the aroma of pine leaves reminiscent of the East Sea.


Korean soybeans are harvested from rich soil and the wisdom acquired from the blue waters of the East Sea is added.

It is a traditional dish of Gangneung whose recipe has been passed down for several generations.

Come have a closer look at the history of Chodang Tofu that captures the unique lifestyle and rich culture of the people of Gangnueng.

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Tourist attractions nearby

  • Huh Gyun Huh Nan Sul Hon Memorial Park
  • Huh Nan Sul Hon was a female poet and also the sister of the writer Huh Gyun who wrote the well known novel, “The Story of Hong Gil Dong” during the mid-Josun Dynasty era. The memorial park was built on a site where the poet’s birth house was located. The wood prints of Nan Sul Hon Collection and The Story of Hong Gil Dong are exhibited in the memorial building, while the experience hall allows visitors to enjoy traditional Korean tea and take in the traditional atmosphere. On good weather days, the park is popular among families and tourists.
  • Gyeongpo Lake, one of the most famous sites in Gyeongpo
  • With a total area covering 1.064㎢ and a circumference of 5.21㎞, the lake is a significant presence. Its name means “a lake as clear as a mirror.” The area is known for the beautiful landscape and folklore dating back to the prehistoric era. The moon reflected onto the waters of Gyeongpo Lake is especially beautiful.
  • Gangneung Eco City Experience Center Winter Olympic Park
  • Various experience programs are available, including those involving the green systems, eco tours, green academy and green weekend experience. The programs are run by the Gangnueng Eco City Experience Center to promote interest in environmental education and studies. The PR Center for the 2018 Winter Games Pyeongchang helps visitors to better understand the various sport categories in 4D.
  • Gangneung Wonjudae PR Center, Tofu Experience Center
  • The Gangneung Wonjudae PR Center that opened in the spring of 2013 is located inside the Chodang Tofu Village. Through collaboration with Tofu Village restaurants and citizens’ center, events to share red bean porridges with senior citizens or to share Gagneung style rice cake and dumpling soups are hosted. The Chodang Tofu Experience Center right across from the PR Center offers programs where visitors can take part in making tofu.

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