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A clean yet roasted taste that is representative of the warm affection poured into the food prepared

by the people of Gangneung. Potatoes are often used in such dishes.


The vast fields of Byeongsan Village, located close to the sea and beyond the pine forest,

are known to have rich soil and good water flow. The environment makes it perfect for growing potatoes.


Potatoes were a staple to the people of Gangneung during economically difficult times

as they were easy to come by and were rich in nutrition. Potatoes thus affected the food culture in this region.


The people of Gangneung are happy to share their food with you.

Come visit Byeongsan Ongshimi Village to enjoy the traditional foods of Gangneung carefully prepared for you.

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Tourist attractions nearby

  • Namhangjin Beach – known for the beautiful thick forest
  • Located at the entry point of Gangneung Airport, it is where the Namdaecheon stream meets with Seomseokcheon stream to flow into the sea. Its name comes from the traditional reference to its location of being on the way to the temple Hansongsa from Songjeong. The thick pine forest nearby offers a great setting for swimming and taking a stroll.
  • Gangneung Port – a leading port of Gangneung
  • Up until May, 2008 the port’s original name was Anmok Port. It is located on the downstream of Namdeacheon stream and is famous for the wide sand field and pine trees. There is a passenger terminal, yacht marina, seafood market and sashimi center, along with a coffee street, welcoming visitors to Gangneung.
  • Anmok Beach Coffee Street – a new must-visit venue in Gangneung
  • Anmok was originally called ‘Apmok’, meaning an alley in front of a village, but for better pronunciation, it was changed to ‘Anmok’. There are many cafes facing the Anmok Beach, with more planned in the future. It is a popular place from early morning to late at night.
  • Namhangjin Solbaram Bridge that connects the sea and the river
  • Namhangjin Solbaram Bridge built in April, 2010 is a pedestrian bridge that connects Anmok and Namhangjin and stretches 560 meters two ways. Due to its location, there is a strong wind, making the bridge a popular place in the summer. ‘Aranabi’, the second sky screen to be built in Korea following the one in Jumunjin, was recently opened. Aranabi is a new type of extreme sports and a form of zip-lining.
  • Gangneung Seniors’ Club – setting a new example for job creation for senior citizens
  • the club, established in March, 2007, aims to provide jobs to senior citizens with three goals of promoting public benefits, welfare and education. It has contributed greatly to a positive image of senior citizens and improved senior citizen welfare. Address: Gonghang-Gil 19, Gangneung City, Gangwon Province
  • Anmok Beach – a great place to enjoy swimming and recreation
  • The beach is located in Gyeonso-Dong and spans across 500 meters over a total area of 20,000 ㎡. It is a perfect place for families to enjoy some summer recreation. The name Anmok refers to the village that is in front of the road that leads from Namhangjin to Songjeong. Many skin scuba diving clubs visit the area thanks to the abundance of rocks and beautiful scenes under the sea. Gangneung Port that is right in front of the beach is where fishermen catch a variety of fish including mackerel, trout and yellow fish which are directly supplied to the nearby sashimi restaurants.

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